Shut up and eat



A frequent comment on food websites is that I should avoid discussion of politics or social conditions and concentrate on the food.

Read in full . What follows may very well spoil the reading experience.



The magic of the enormous popularity of story telling around meals, may perhaps be rooted in the offering of table talk, delivering casual exchange of social and political dimensions in its most favourable nonchalant fashion.

Behavior adapted to the new conditions, learnings coined by the -only recently- passed industrial time, get unlearned and offer material and requirements for a new coinage. What consumes people between meals, determines how lives are being lived. It demands being discussed and advised. Meals are destined to draw groups and groups are destined to talk.

We favour ‘Places Unknown’ because of how its content is placed into context.

Next up are insights on the status of the redesign of one of Germany’s leading food blogs celebrating (and living of) ‘the courage of others’.