David Ogilvy Schreiben

David Ogilvy Memo from November 6, 1979



  1. I am intolerant of mediocrity.
  2. I spend too much time on things which aren’t important.
  3. Like everyone of my age, I talk too mucht about the past.
  4. I have always funked firing people who needed to be fired.
  5. I am afraid of flying and go to ridiculous lenghts to avoid it.
  6. When I was Creative Head in New York, I wrote to much of the advertising myself.
  7. I know nothing about finance.
  8. I am candid to the point of indiscretion.
  9. I see too many sides to every argument.
  10. I am over-impressed by physical beauty.
  11. Ich lasse mich von Schönheit zusehe beeindrucken.
  12. I have a low threshold of boredom.