Oh good. With all but one ad agency having successfully repositioned themselves around what has become the mainstream notion of a more democratic, more participatory approach toward marketing and communication, we now need to find ways to connect products and services with digital.


What integrated marketing was about in the first place

  • Seamless user experience made discoverable and centered around a core interest worth while discovering
  • Idea based, unbiased issue solving in the best interest of your account’s customers
  • Unbiased media planning complementing conventional media and new media


Nothing so wrong with silos

Starting with Seth Godin, plenty of sirens went off, and voiced however valid criticism toward organisation, politics and practices of large networked agencies. The silos within such organisations were quickly identified as show stoppers for creative problem solving and unbiased decision making. Eventually suggesting to tear down silos altogether.

Account centered silos however have proven sustainalbe & essential in serving account needs for delivering on strategy, on budget on time.

Online agencies and new agency models deliver on fresh ideas but are neither set up nor known for reliable delivery of large scale communication efforts. True, ever more large accounts are handed to smaller agencies. It will become increasingly inefficient and tedious for marketers to oversee and measure effectiveness of their campaigning efforts with an increasing number of smaller venues handling portions of their account.

Soon they will want to return to one stop solutions offering full services, given that full service truly delivers on fully integrated campaigning efforts driven by an idea that sells.


New business models from within giant networked agencies

Business ideas, big and bold come about and lead entire networks to reboot with a clean copy of their genuine value proposition and fresh trust in their proven track record.

  • not mergers and acquisitions, intelligent new ideas consolidate and provide laser sharp focus around the true value proposiion of your large network
  • not silo building, opportune attitude reconnects silos with electric thought leadership
  • not adding more units, continuously adding reason to believe in what you already have
  • not vertical deep thought, easy does it and runs horizontally as if you toss a flat stone to make it fly across the water
  • not asking why, ask how you can make life easier on customers Visit Ana Andjelic’s weblog for insights



    Truth well told

    94 years ago, liar H.K. McCann launched his NYC ad agency with the slogan “Truth Well Told.” Last week, I had a rather laid back first meeting with Karsten Bentlage, the newly appointed General Manager over at McCann’s headquarters in Frankfurt. I introduced Karsten to one hell of a blatantly banal business idea and how to make it work across the entire network. I mentioned how impressed I had been with Kevin Robert’s lovemarks idea and how the idea seems to have helped master the recession over at Saatchi a decade ago. Karsten caught me by surprise when he held McCann Erickson’s age old claim, truth well told up against Robert’s lovemarks. Silly me, why did I not think of it?

    And why then is it not marketed or no longer communicated?

    The internet, and most recently its ongoing social media r/evolution have not only allowed new sparkling boutique agencies to introduce themselves successfully to our industry in motion, trusted ad agencies are also coming to grips, rediscovering their own truths and virtues.


    • Universal McCann has appointed Heidi Browning as global digital officer formerly SVP of insights and planning at MySpace
    • McCann New York has brought on board Faris Yakob as EVP Chief Technology Strategist from naked communications and has him sit in on the global creative board as the one member with no creative heritage to show for.

    All is falling into place. Go lightly…