Judith Williams photo HSE shopping channel.

„The Lions Den“ produces – as do all casting shows – failure in serie. It’s Vox channel’s German version of ABC’s Shark Tank reality competition series. As audience, you learn from the failure of others and can distinguish what to dismiss and what to follow for your own business model while keeping a safe distance. There’s your gain.

Judith Williams photo HSE shopping channel.

Fellow-american lioness Judith Williams. Photo HSE shopping channel.



You are being evaluated or ignored. And it is on you to decide if you want to be self-sufficient or independent. The mission may be to completely rely on oneself rather. I wish for no partner and no investor—strategic partners yes, a mentor is welcome! I want to collaborate and do what it takes to be a powerful individual.

As audience of Vox tv you won’t leave this tv show any dumber, then when you switched on “Die Höhle der Löwen“. You gain insight and you may eventually reconsider you own walk of life. Judith Williams, Rural Öger, Jochen Schweizer, Frank Theken, Lenke Wischhusen, are the more agreeable jurors than your bank advisor.

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