FMCG package design
“Negerkuss”, literally translates to negro kiss, and is an outdated name for
chocolate marshmellow.
Sarottimohr Blackface-Tasse
Sarottimohr 1 Blackface-cup

In consequence of the incomprehensible hysteria among German consumers2 sparked by a Ritter Sport chocolate product design featuring a badly drawn unicorn, now has Wiesenhof jump on the bandwagon with its weed barbecue saugages.

the inco

It’s cool for marketers to get lots of reviews in trade and consumer magazines through irritation or what agencies are pushed toward as disruption marketing. Media loves irritation, its their bread and butter business, never mind its inherent humanitarian disservices.

While marginal groups push into the midst of society, society pushed toward becoming marginal.

Best selling Ritter Sport Unicorn chocolate

  1. Nestlé reintroduced the Sarotti Blackface early 1990. Following the SAROTTI take-over by Stollwerck GmbH in 1998 a range of nostalgia packaging is brought to market, rekindled the consumer’s love of the SAROTTI-Blackface[]
  2. Those described as consumers are people in loss of their responsibility as citizens while in a shopping francy[]