VC 200 Volocopter

VC 200 Volocopter

VC 200 Volocopter

Quelle: e-volo

“On October 21, 2011, the first manned electric vehicle flight (ev) ever with a purely electrically powered, vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft succeeded. The invention of the volocopter has been celebrated globally as pioneer work in aviation. Currently, we are building the VC200, the first Volocopter to carry two people. The aircraft convinced the supreme authority for aviation in Germany to such an extent, that it commissioned the creation of a new national category in aviation.”

Alexander Zosel (CEO), Stephan Wolf (CEO) und Thomas Senkel (CTO).

Alexander Zosel (CEO), Stephan Wolf (CEO) und Thomas Senkel (CTO).


Today, innovations are being discussed in public preferably long before their implementation and official launch. This is especially true and widely welcomed in modern day fund raising. See kickstarter, where the public is crucial, invited and fundamentally involved in product innovation from the very early stages on, from research and development through production. This way the people have their say in what is meant for them to become consumers of. Soon to become the proper procedure around the world for open politics. People are given a chance to familiarise themselves and let steam off so anger, should it build up, can be aired and a more factual evaluation can take place. Now is the time for e-volo and perhaps the reason for my stumbling upon the VC2 in a German tv report..

Trial program for new aviation category
has kicked off

  • Speed: 54 knots (62mph)
  • A minimum flight altitude of 6500 feet
  • A take-off weight of 450 kg (990 pounds)
  • More than one hour flight time

e-volo, the Germany, Karlsruhe-based company, made global aviation history last year by successfully operating the world’s first manned flight by means of a purely electronically powered, vertical take-off aircraft, the VC1. As the federal ministry of economics and technology granted 2 million € as a subsidy of the project-related costs, e-volo is working together with a research and industry syndicate to build the VC200, the first Volocopter in the world to carry two people.

The Volocopter is an absolutely novel aircraft which cannot be assigned to any existing aviation category.

According to Alexander Zosel, e-volo manager, the greatest challenge after technical realisation is to be able to place such an aircraft on the market. As the Volocopter is the first of its kind, an official basis needs to be created in the first step to allow for air traffic participation.

The innovative concept of an electrical vertical take-off aircraft convinced the supreme authority for aviation in Germany, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) to such an extent that it has commissioned a two to three year trial program for the creation of a new category in aviation.



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