Foto: Mauricio Lima für die New York Times.

Foto: Mauricio Lima for the New York Times.





A brief look back at the Friday evening shootings in Munich


  • Police confirm 18-year-old shooter had no links to Islamic State
  • Munich police chief emphasised the attack to be by no means associated with refugees.
  • Nine people were shot and killed, and a further 21 injured
  • The gunman shot himself, bringing the death toll to ten.

Eva Fisher offers her account of the Friday night shooting here in Munich.

Mrs. Hammerstein, the iconic food blogger from Munich, had just moved to the northern part of town. When the attack hit in walking distance. She heard from friends around town of dramatic measures taken and a city in panic. Much of Fishers’ account she can confirm from what she heard. People reacting hysterical to any combination of the word “terror”.

Something officials and media may want to avoid in future.

Only one stop away from where the shooting took place. The only difference to any other summer night was the noise of police sirenes and a single helicopter.Read in full by Eva Fisher