screenshot Bergdorf's

Screenshot from Bergdorf documentary by Matthew Miele


Everyone who has a name to show for is in this movie

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Bergdorf window design

NY Times article by Douglas Quenqua on window dressing at Goodman Bergdorf.

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David Hoey and Linda Fargo, Schaufenster Designer at Bergdorf Goodman Photo: Ruth Fremson:The New York Times

David Hoey and Linda Fargo, window dressing warriors at Bergdorf Goodman. Photo: Ruth Fremson: The New York Times.

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A Million and a half pairs of eyes get to see these windows per week

David Hoey und Linda Fargo, want the windows to almost be perveived as halluzinations.


Who cares about authentic when there is sexy?

This is where the scissors spread open with a rather personal question, which I ask the adored reader to please find an answer for on their own, that of how much bling-bling you need for your uttermost satisfaction, and if not substance outweighs appearance and makes life easier despite contibuting to our very existance on a global scale. Sexy is likely less rather than more.



Rest assured, the question is not one of renouncement or renunciation, it’s how well our decision making is weighed and our ability to concentrate on determining factors.

I pitty every one who was not born an heir to just enough bling bling for leading a worry free life with no need to contribute to the rat race.