“Goodbye Mommy” is a surprisingly promising looking German movie

Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz pumping fresh fuel into gone stale German movie making



When you least expect it, the Germans turn up.

Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz make you forget bad chokes about “Das Boot”. Their horror thriller comes as a welcomed surprise. Less welcomed, perhaps by families with mothers who had undergone cosmetic surgery.

Forgotten are the days of depressing Fassbinder realities. Hello Mommy. Goodbye Tatort.

Take note of the fabulous casting: Susanne Wuest, Elias Schwarz, Lukas Schwarz. Listen up when the amazing sound track, a German folk song toward the end of the trailer sets in.

It is in fact an Austrian Film, but as is the case with all good that come from Austria it automatically turns German.



Goodbye Mommy movie poster

Movie Poster



In the heat of the summer lays a lonesome house in the countryside where nine-year-old twin brothers await their mother’s return. When she comes home, bandaged after cosmetic surgery, nothing is like before and the children start to doubt whether this woman is actually who she says she is. What ensues is a terrifying struggle with fatal consequences on par with THE SHINING and DEAD RINGERS.