Samsung portable SSD

Source: Samsung portable SSD

Samsung was first to discover and market the selling strategy of an edge to edge mobile screen advantage, and now they bring to market what many have been longing for the most.

Super fast external storage

A high capacity flash or ssd external drive to take full advantage of the new Mac os High Sierra. You probably have noticed that the Air far superseeds your desktop machines. The air uses flash or fuse drives.

Same difference between SSD and Flash hard drives

Same difference between SSD and Flash hard drives. Source.

Modern SSD hard drives are Flash-based, so today there’s not really a difference today between SSD and Flash. SSD is simply a disk that doesn’t have moving parts, and Flash is the implementation that allows that to happen.

Samsung Portable SSD T5

Samsung Portable SSD T5

2TB SSD at $799.99 or $66.67/mo

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