Get clean fast. Get dirty faster.

Rotate and pivot branding around innovation so people can grasp it.

Get by competitor Miele’s rocksteady reputation.
Rotate and pivot branding around innovation in such a way that people can phaysically grasp it.


“Get dirty fast. Get clean faster.”

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Rock 'n' Roll in your laundry room. Welcome home.

Rock ‘n’ Roll in your laundry room. Welcome home.

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Leo Burnett, Frankfurt

A flap in the washing machine’s drum door memorably demonstrates innovation and let’s you physically experience innovation by adding socks or something you forgot with the initial load. With this little trick, Samsung/Leo Burnett may very well succeed in positioning Samsung ahead of long time, accustomed to competition with stellar reputation for washing machines.

Physical is more tangible than digital

Samsung does offer an app for its washing machines, but they are smart enough not to mention it. Not as a headliner anyway.

Every damn manufacturer has an app of some gadgety sort. This entire talk about „Industry 4.0” with lazy marketers in the following, who trust that all it takes is some silly knick knacks application.

Besides, Samsung helps advertising coming around to the idea that boring content might not be that boring after all. Read on:

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