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Only in cinemas, a movie zooming in on the epic rivalry between 2 F1 racers opens on our big screens.
We are brought back to the early 1970s to watch these two young hotshots work their way up their respective leagues. The main similarity is unquestionably their cockiness; Hunt’s maverick charm and Lauda’s precise strategizing gives Morgan a chance to inject some humour into his script. Hunt shows no hesitation in seducing an attending nurse after a crash/fight, and Lauda is unrepentant when he declares to Ferrari team owners that their car is a shitbox. Offering subtle nuance where the dialogue offers little, Hemsworth and Brühl turn the cockiness to their advantage in likeable performances.

Diehard racing history fans may know these are Nikki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) and the late James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) who competed something fierce in 1976.


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