Rob Hope

Rob Hope

In my mind he is scientist Charles Darwin, an Explorer and adventurer. An image of the young Galapagos explorer at best, out there in the vastness of the world’s oceans. Got that right, Rob Hope lives in Cape Town, is a surfer, developer, initiator and curator of „One Page Love”, a platform for one page websites.

One Page Love” accumulated over a million active users in its initial year of 2008 and is the most important platform for one-pagers ever since.
I am consumed with Rob Hope’s skills as a designer. How someone who is a capable developer, surpasses designers in the field of design. Now add the ability of a bona fide copywriter. A developer surpasses designers and copywriter in their professional discipline.


Rob Hope's blog

Hit delete.
Rob Hopes former blog is being assigned a new purpose.

Equipped with healthy optimism and confidence, his digital, social competence closely matches that of the incredible Derek Sivers, the legendary founder of CD Baby. Much like Sivers, Hope gives me the feeling as if he was there for me only. A friend or family member who is there for me when needed.
In reality I must share him with many others, who got the same feeling as I, that Rob Hope is only there for them.


Exemplary branding

Even though is incapable of broadcasting hope’s shimmering, optimistic and confident character, the rach of his travels and the travails of a decade (10 years of enjoying responsiveness up to to the subsequently furnished, own website), a prime suspect of hand-crafted branding.
Hope’s chronicle was spread by considerations of his users wherever they congregated at numerous touchpoints they chose to frequent in real time:

Now that OPL is again a major concern and remains a reliable source of income, to live of comfortably in Cape Town, Hope has recoded a wordpress theme from the ground up. This website is powered by Clutterless V2 as well as my current venture.


Clutterless One Pager by Rob Hope.

One Pager

opl One Page Love



Clutterless V2

Clutterless’ is a free, ultra-minimal One Page blogging theme. The WordPress theme features a unique slide-out info sidebar as well as AJAX loading posts – meaning the theme is technically One Page. Absolutely all distractions have been stripped out, so readers can focus on what is important, the content.
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Rob Hope follows in line with what I refer to Hergé [1. The Adventures of Tintin], as a creative continuation and extension of his ligne claire. His energetic efforts to provide developers, designers and regular users with designs of stunning clarity striped of anything that is unnecessary has Seinem energisches Bemühen, Entwicklern u. Gestaltern brauchbares, klares zukommen zu lassen, has defined his journey. Because this took place on the internet, the legacy is a chronicle, that has characterised me as surely many other designers, developers and bloggers.



For those who witnessed this chronicle, is probably a disappointment. It understandably falls short on reproducing all the excitement with ups and downs, eyewitnesses must have felt over the past decade.
To me clutterless is the climax of one page development followed by the more recent publication of FullSingle, a wordpress plugin that goes along any theme, and provides a collection of beautiful free landing page layouts for SiteOrigin’s Page Builder.