Podcast #002
John O’Nolan

John O’Nolan is the founder of Ghost – a profitable, not-for-profit business that gives away their code for free. How? On the one side is Ghost the open-source publishing software. On the other is the same platform run as a premium hosted SaaS business. 

We rap about remote working, pricing, competition and building a future platform to help journalists monetize their craft. 

Rob Hope

I became aware of John O’Nolan when he introduced Ghost while he was in Linz, Austria and I had asked my daughter Dido to please go and meet him to discuss Ghost for her website. Back then I installed Ghost and gave it a brief test drive. My impression was that Ghost has a structural advantage over WordPress. Eventually, I had asked Rob if he wouldn’t want to develop for and port his adored themes to Ghost. Back then Rob declined as a loyalist to WordPress, but perhaps this interview is an indication that this could change.

Yo newsletter subscribers may also wonder why Rob has never mentioned the word „Gutenberg” in any of his yo podcasts or newsletters.

Even now, I can’t get rid of the notion that ghost theme demos run a whole lot smoother with greater elegance than even the clearest theme developed by Rob for WordPress such as the one you are looking at. Please don’t take my word for it and rely on your own judgment:

See if you can feel a difference

Try some WordPress demo themes and then try various Ghost demo themes and see if you can sense a general difference in smoothness.