Utz Claassen with tv host Walter Janson

Utz Claassen bei Walter Janson



Germany’s success strategy is to be middle of the road in general and in particular. Burned twice in both world wars, German’s are quadruple shy to lean out the window, they are both, radical- and risk avert. No wonder then, Germany is falling behind in digital.

With Utz Claasen entering the political stage, a rising star is born. He speaks a language understood by digiratis and business people alike. How many politicians do you know, that introduce themselves with a mood board?



Claassen stellt Moodboard vor

Claassen introduces himself with a moodboard





Claasen explains why being of discomfort, consistently is more successful. He tears up papers with words like fear. Words and pictures that consume him, he pins on a pin wall: “Being of discomfort”, “respect”, “Julius Cesar”, “Margaret Thatcher”, “Ferdinand Piëch”, “flaming Fukushima core melt-down”, “Europe” and “Germany.” Each with a catchy explanation why.

In command of the German language watch the video.