Ringo Starr’s famous Ludwig drum-kit.



Fellow drummer’s testimonials give away
valuable insights on Ringo’s success factors.



drumming and super normal

You can tell a Beatle song by a sequence of its drum beat

Watch the video and you can tell how easy it was for Ringo Starr to make a Beatles song unmistaken identifiable. The simple beat by itself is no less catchy than the song as a whole. A short listen to the beat only and you can name the song. How cool is that⁈



Ringo Starr is left-handed
and plays a right handed drum kit.



This may well let you get your hands around what has consumed me for the greater part of my work.



A sensation of the ordinary

Just right for the change of heart in today’s marketing. With strong tendencies toward minimising, simplifying and a consumer demand. That of having to do less with ever greater comfort.

Ease of use and immediacy are in every popular demand.

Ringo was underrated and even called a no good drummer. Virtuoso drummers like Ginger Baker was stealing the show from the Beatles drummer.

According to Naoto Fukasawa good design disolves in behavior. That which is responsive to people’s habits may become a standard. The request for sensation can be silenced without tricks and deception.



Sensation of the ordinary: Ringo Starr

Sensation of the ordinary
Ringo Starr







drumming and super normal