For now, Heidi Hackemer is leaving her agency life behind in favor of arriving at a more complete understanding of the American people outside of her New York bubble. She is with Droga5 after having been with Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

I remember to have heard Philip Missler say, that people are not out there, they are not out there enough.



A good designer must be out there more according to Missler. It was the German word “umgetrieben“, he used that came to mind, when I learned from Edward Boches, planner extraordinaire Heidi Hackemer, has allowed herself to be out there (umgetrieben) for a while . You can witness her self-educational travels through mainland USA here.

A planner goes on the road with a little help from tweeting friends.


“Ride a subway. Stand up on a bus. Buy a hot dog on the corner.”

…the warnung of pending isolation for agency folks came, 20 years earlier from mad man Jerry Della Femina, in his legendary WSJ ad.

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It’s advised to visit 5-10 favorite marketing blogs daily such as Edward Boches’ c_u, and to have a look at the latest movie trailers.

And “Ride a subway. Stand up on a bus. Buy a hot dog on the corner.”

“Stay in touch.”