Reuters Vorschau

Newswire Reuters with orderly conducted launch culture:
1) Sneak Preview 2) Preview 3) Launch

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Reuters mobile Anwendung

Reuters mobile apps

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Neugestaltung von digg

radical redesign at



The internet being refurbished

Brand sites, sozial networks, news sites, what have you…
Spring cleaning for a more orderly appearance and user experience:

  • Away with navbars and navigation as a whole
  • Away with colour overload
  • Away with cramping content into small containers
  • Welcome to recollection of conventional typographic standards with aid of webfonts
  • Refurbishing the internet aims at efficiency and elegance


Pinterest und Tumblr served as tipping points for this movement we all are profiting from. Pinterest with a simplified user interface and tumblr with a simplified user handling at the benefit of tumblr administrators.

With enormous success since everyone is following suit as if it were a self-fullfilling prophecy.

Meanwhile the redesign of outshines that of stumbleupon visually speaking, and wordpress got left behind by Tumblr as for the handling of administrative chores.


Newswire Reuters with steady flow of unfolding news in real time demonstrates how the user profits from radical simplification

Visitor searching for financial and business news arrive in mysterious ways. They discover content in social media or by search queries and upon arrival on Reuters it feels as if they had landed on a homepage for relevant content, in midst a flowing stream of news items (experience it here).


Reuters showcases a launch culture

  1. Sneak preview
  2. Preview
  3. Launch (not yet available)


Cultivating an itterary launch culture allows for preferably seamless transformation from old to new, both for the prospective user and the inhouse team.

Reuters wouldn’t like their reader base to shy away from the new design and make the transformation from a learned experience to the new design appear seamless and painless.

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