Audience at a concert of John Lydon's Public Image Ltd. in Estonia, August 1988
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Why digital reputation is neither about digital nor about reputation, but about brands doing their job.

For manufacturers and thier agencies it is their job to continuously create new meaning for the brand across all touch points. Immediacy is at the core of any online job. “89% of consumer replies on company Facebook pages went unanswered” Dave Allen highlighted the excerpt of a Leni Stein article on North’s credential website. A good indication of that all involved have to train and ready themselves for always on responsiveness and accessibility especially with mobile communications on the rise.


“Your reputation is the result of the relative proximity of three factors to one another.”

A number of years ago, Justin Townsend¹ explained to me who we really are. You’ll find an equally precise definition on MRM Worldwide’s credential site with credits for Bertrand Cesvet in Conversational Capital.


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A video reminds us that we have but one life

Any attempt to divide life into a virtual and a real life is of poor significance to our perception. It however helps to accept that what is good for people is good for business². By taking on social media in your marketing mix, the collective identity your business airs with your brand(s), product(s) and service(s) gains importance. Gareth Kay³ offers orientation with ‘ideas that do‘: “It’s not what we do, it’s what people do with what we do.” Not value offers utility, utility offers value.
¹Founder of IGA Worldwide and board member of several new businesses sporting a new business model
²Leo Burnett
³brand strategist at Goodby Silverstein & Partners


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