How lovely to find a mention of Claude Lelouch on Ben Malbon’s blog

Munich kids of my generation, were raised on french films, guaranteed to show some naked flesh, Adolf Hitler documentaries (similar to the US discovery channel, referred to also as Hitler channel), and seriously despressing Fassbinder films.

Not mentioning the never ending stream of badly synchronized US and British tv series.


the film you are about to see, was filmed without production tricks and acceleration of speed

(From the YouTube ‘About’ section)

A notorious nine-minute speed through the streets of Paris, shot on a camera strapped to the front of a Ferrari 275 GTB (though apparently this was actually a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9., dubbed with the sound of Lelouche’s Ferrari 275GTB), this injection of adrenaline was an illegal shoot which led to the arrest of filmmaker Claude Lelouch when it was first shown. Lelouch was apparently at the wheel, too. An underground classic, hailed as being the greatest car chase ever, simply because it was real.