Under Construction

Remember the under construction sign occasionally pop up on websites back in the early days of the web?

Today it would send only one signal, the site owner has no idea on how communications works.

Sites had to put up the under construction sign, whenever a change was made to the format of the site or when anything was added to the content.

Useless, horrendously expensive, complex and complicated content management systems were introduced and companies who could afford them believed to have been sold on a dynamic website.

IT companies made a fortune selling Custom CMS.

Ad agencies and digital agencies made are fortune on selling dynamic websites.

Customer be warned you are still being sold on the same old lie.

Then social media demonstrated what dynamism really means.

Sold on dynamic

With the event of blogs (basically an off the shelf content management system with plugins bringing connectivity to the CMSystem), communications were democratized and made available at no or little cost to the rest of us.

Today the dirty truth is, websites in contrast to blogs, have no default way of communicating with one another or social media sites. The pings send out by blogs are not being picked up by websites and no consequent action can be taken.

The solution is unspectacular.

Build your website based on blogging software.