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Adele Peters discovers old school in Milton Glaser’s button campaign. Much like in the old days the message divides into two groups: Those who wear the button and those who won’t.


So appropriate, the idiot is wearing the dying earth symbol!

What a douchebag, he’s without symbol!


Glaser made a smart decision with keeping it simple. No complex, integrated campaign, for which resources and organisation is not available. But decide in favour of a recognisable sign that is affordable, immediately accessible. That is likeable and wearable. Even better yet, Milton decided for an analogue medium to be the message. A button in his name to get the ball rolling again. You order it, pin it on, done.

It’s a souvenir, done analogue. It’s the little things that count. Swinging Sixties.

Same as with Christmas cards. Sent analogue, the recipient puts it up with the other seasons greetings on his fireplace mantel shelf.


Daumen hoch, Sie mögen es.


In my lifetime, I was having students hit the streets and demonstrate causes in my interest, while I rarely left the house to work on my stuff. A button, like Milton Glaser’s, I wear in acceptance and respect for the 85 year old fellow designer. Also I can still hear the 60’s Publix jingle ring. “It’s the little things that count.”

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