Redesign of Munich's Super Paper online.

Munich’s Super Paper’s redesign leans on Pinerest’s grid style
‘Masonry’ design it’s known and cloned for.



Super Paper is a Munich hipster magazine appearing monthly. You can see the covers of the print issue here. Circulation is 15,000. It hasn’t fully arrived in the new world, but is well on its way with a website based on WordPress and a clean new make up focusing on author’s individual entries rather than browsing a stream of random information in one swoop – forcing the reader to be more determined. The new design follows suit of what has fuelled the longing for a more elegant and efficient design of the web and is credited toward its founder Ben Silbermann. Super Paper’s Editor in chief Hubertus Becker and designer Mirko Borsche are well advised to keep an eye on Pinterest’s deeper design issues and user focus.


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