Idlewild logo

Logo by Andrew Colin Beck


Neugestaltung des Idelwood Buchladens in New York und Brooklyn.

Rebranding Idelwood Bookstore in New York and Brooklyn.

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Idelewood Stempel

Rubber stamp.

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Keith Haring Gestaltung für die ehemalige jährliche New Yorker Buchmesse: „New York ist Bücherland.”



Idlewild is a travel themed bookstore with locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York City. The store gets its name from the original name of JFK airport in the 60s, during the golden age of air travel. Idlewild sells books about travel, countries, language, and culture as well as books in different languages for adults and children. They also offer classes on many different languages.

Before the area was renamed JFK Airport it was known as Idlewild.

Andrew Colin Beck’s goal with this project was to elevate their brand and give it a lively kinnetic voice.

See the following pictures, they demonstrate rather well the impact the rebranding has on the routinely day to day exprience of the bookstore for visitors and employees:


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