Right now in its early prototype version, Quiet Riot shows for 270 registered users taking their workday complaints to the site. Quite Riot enables us to share and solve common issues with the help of many, offering support with:

  1. Bringing users with a common issue together to create critical mass (as with a petition)
  2. Providing orientation to consolidate and define the issue
  3. Providing crowdsourcing techniques and tools for being listened to and getting a solution on its way

Now don’t you have an issue with the direction Quiet Riot is taking when confronted with the line: “People around the world are frustrated about many issues”?

Early issue with Quiet Riot

Quite Riot is not just a place to take your rants to. The fun part and idea of Quiet Riot is to discover solutions to common issues with the help of many, and tools such as their ‘Open Letter’ approach. It’s a relief effort. Hence communication must not focus on the issue, but on it being resolved. To all I know, rogue sites have but disappeared. They were useless to our highly trained, problem solving society.

Issue solved

To move Quiet Riot from rant to rave, showcase resolved riots on the front page. Provide visitors with directions and give each participant much deserved credit. Demonstrate how each group has resolved their issues by indicating the change that has taken place. How change was implemented. A general stats indicator might do.


  • Visit Quiet Riot with issues you find with your ad agency.
  • Return here with sparkling insights and only your very best practices, suitable for our new advertising age.

Image and preview icon from the dead weather’s site.