Cesar Millan

Adored dog whisperer Cesar Millan

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photo von Celadonsusan  flickr.com  Hi-res  1,785 notes

Photo by Celadonsusan flickr.com Hi-res 1,785 notes




Brands are being resocialized much the same way dog whisperer Cesar Millan, resocializes humans (and trains dogs)

Prior to their resocialization, brands must be kept on a leash.


Almost every app for a brand on Facebook has practically no usage… Heavy, ‘immersive’ experiences are not how people engage and interact with brands… Heavyweight experiences will fail because thy don’t map to real life.

Paul Adams, global head of brand design at Facebook


What follows is not as bleak as it will initially feel. It’s like watching Victoria Stilwell instead of Cesar Millan, because most communication is in the implicit how not the explicit what.