Joyce King Thomas

Joyce King Thomas, the former CCO of McCann Worldgroup in New York returns from retirement to lead EBC, a newly founded, dedicated agency to service McCann’s Mastercard account.



HailO, an app for cashless black cab riding in London.

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That’s right, big problems don’t require big solutions

The HailO app by Caspar Woolley and Russell Hall demonstrates a practical, feasable solution for London’s legendary black cabs and their passengers.

A chronicle of consolidated and certified solutions -much like the one above- for every perceivable business field, submitted by businesses around the world, makes for the new priceless and outshines the initial brilliant ad campaign even while its being accomplished.

A chronicle of life time achievements for participants worldwide to look back upon and have something to tell to grand children.

A dedicated agency for only one client has been executed earlier by McCann alumnies, though with modest results. Spark44, the dedicated Jaguar agency, for who’s release of their website no one is seriously waiting for.


What however seems to be the problem?

Plastic cards, which have been pioneered by Mastercard in the 20th century and cashless payments have become a commodity like power and running water, all without resolving a dire need.

McCann dominated the world market with universal big ideas, such as the PRICELESS campaign for Mastercard, for which Joyce King Thomas has been a co-creator.

But Paypal discovered an idea that does for the 21st century.

An idea that does, which Thomas now must surpass, or claim ownership of and convince the public with brute media force to rightfully doing so. McCann ExtraBoldCondensed will have to play out all its worldwide muscle with single minded old world conviction.



Humans have problems

Businesses are solutions to problems

To strengthen the resistance of the middle class and for Mastercard to become an enabler for innovative new business ideas by the vast majority is a challenge I envy Thomas, McCann EBC and Mastercard for and is worth the occupation between meals.



Why Mastercard must focus on the vast majority of the middle class, is explained in a German language comment by Kurt Kister in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The comment argues that the 1% theory and the occupy movement make for a wrong perception of what is a minority (99%) and a growing majority (1%), while in fact, the vast majority remains a reliable backbone of the economy in most countries and certainly that of the US and Germany.


Ideas that do was coined by Gareth Kay from Goodby.