The Pretzelnator/Lauginator: Too fancy for Germans’ austerity tastes.



McDonald’s Pretzelnator, too fancy for Germans’ austerity tastes?

What is fancy about roasted beef, sour cream, lettuce, onion rings, ham and cheese in midst of pretzel buns?

My Burger, the German design nation’s prime example of an idea that does

Some 330 thousand recipes were submitted earlier this year and 5 million votes nominated the best recipes, when McDonald’s Germany delegated their recipes into the able hands of burger fans following the initial 40th anniversary celebration last year.


No money prizes needed

The prospect, of having your burger creation sold for a limited time at the 1,415 McDonalds restaurants in Germany, was good enough motivation for the folks to participate.


A bit of strictness

Each of the crowdsourced burgers increased sales for the German McDonald’s branches and echoed resonance in world press and blogs. Alas, the most genuine German recipe for the Lauginator sometimes called Prezelnator by Bastian K. sold less than its predecessors.

Blogger Matt Phillips had fun with assuming that perhaps, after Angela Merkel’s call last month for ein bisschen Strenge (“a bit of strictness”) in Europe, may have contributed to the restraint.

France, the second largest European market for McDonald’s after Germany, has more people going for burgers than Germany with more stores.

German consumers are some of the most sensitive to global economic news. Their high saving rates, controlled spending habits and focus on price deals, are however not reflecting continued weak consumer confidence but scepticism toward what is considerd fast food and the growing scepticism toward global franchises. The christmas season is expected to create sales in record numbers.


Neue Digitale / Razorfish, Berlin and Heye, Munich, won silver for My Burger at the international AME awards.

“Ideas that do‟ was coined by Gareth Kay and serves agencies and marketers as way to go in the post-digital age.