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Stefan Zschaller has coined a fun word.

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How can thinking that takes place so quickly as in a blink of an eye be at all useful? Don’t we make the best decisions when we take the time to carefully evaluate all available and relevant information?
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Certainly that’s what we’ve always been told. We live in a society dedicated to the idea that we’re always better off gathering as much information and spending as much time as possible in deliberation. As children, this lesson is drummed into us again and again: haste makes waste, look before you leap, stop and think.



But Malcolm Gladwell doesn’t think this is true. There are lots of situations–particularly at times of high pressure and stress–when haste does not make waste, when our snap judgments and first impressions offer a much better means of making sense of the world.¹

Blink best selling non fiction by Malcolm Gladwell

best selling non fiction by Malcolm Gladwell



¹ Via Malcolm Gladwell’s blog on his second bestselling book Blink: The Power of Thinking without thinking, published in 2005