Brand positioning

ChariTea nimmt Stellung

“The only brown that we want to see here in Chemnitz”
ChariTea takes a stand and contributes to an already agitated Nazi theme in Germany.

“Position yourselves“, it echoes back from social media and
subsequently from trade magazines. But the spread of a problem is spreading the problem, not its solution.

“Because of course it’s about boundaries. The boundaries of decency, sincerity and dignity.”

Fränzi Kühne, Berlin agency TLGG

To demonstrate attitude contributes to escalation, at all events of direct confrontation of opposing attitudes. For brands it is to be recommended, to show attitude when no one is watching. Avoid it when a situation is stirred up and passions run high. Keep distance between your brand an an event occurring.

Hamburg’s brand ChariTea shines with its exemplarily reduced brand identity, clean package design and a fitting online presence based on WordPress.

It comes to show how hard it is to resist the temptation of jumping on the bandwagon of breaking news.

ChariTea Eine Wohltat

A blessing

ChariTea Verpackungskunst

Packaging art