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Keep zipped, innovate quickly Source: Honey


Some of the worst the web brought on us, were useless intranets besides a landslide of tedious and useless CMSs.

A devastating lack of elegance and efficiency.

And a complete waste of time.

Why then would Dan Hou, Honey’s CEO want to get burned by introducing yet another intranet?

And why would I as a creative consultant want to recommend an intranet and one stop solution to my client and long term companions at Chelsea’s Ready Mades start up?

As a start up you want to stay zipped and be of a complete surprise with a product or application that preferably has been developed and brought to market with such consumer insight and detailed care, the product or application takes on a communication of itself.


unobtrusive cool, calm collected design

Non-obtrusive cool, calm collected design with low profile mundane features


An intranet that won’t suck

I read from Honey’s communication, that it is important to allow for participants to take their time and help take the pressure, in particular peer pressure from them and make it easier for the quiet ones to deliver on their own terms amongst shameless loudmouths. The internet is developing into what I call a slow web, with improved, built in quality assurance to benefit those rare birds equipped with and propelling clear consciousness.

  • Honey was born out of necessity in doing field work for New York’s design and technology company Huge
  • Honey’s digital footprint comes along in laser sharp clarity, reliable signals for Honey to be cool, calm collected.
  • Honey claims to have taken what works best best from the social sharing platforms people love to use outside of the office, combines it with what they’ve learned about user behavior, and applies it to solving today’s workplace information challenges.
  • It’s free for start ups with up to ten people (how many practitioners does it take your start up to screw in a light bulb?) See pricing.
  • The notification feature serves as a non intrusive reminder tied into the Apple OS. While you are elsewhere banging your head at exploring solutions, Apple’s notification center will help remind you of what goes on around you (confirmation pending)
  • Discover more reasons to believe

I have long come to trust the increasing flock of rare birds with a becoming digital footprint and demonstrated focus on their product. Those who resist the temptation to add useless features on top of useless features and stay put on what provides needed functionality however mundane this may seem to improve quality in everyday work lives.

So yes, poo sticks but so does honey.

With Ready Mades start up tasks at hand, this is a good time to get started on the right foot.

Further insides by Kyle VanHemert.