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One page wonder

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Within a day Neil Young gained $800.000 on kickstarter for his digital music service PonoMusic.

As it’s the case with most everything, it is what the people want to believe, not what is. (If you can hear much of a difference between the nitrate of 192kbps or 256kbps MP3 and a CD and whether it equals the sound of a vinyl record played on a system equipped with tube amplifier…)


Pono eco system:

  1. PonoPlayer features 128GB of memory, will cost $399
  2. PonoMusic desktop-based “media management” system. iTunes sucks despite its enormous popularity.

Only what’s neccessary: Pono website adheres to what I refer to as global web standard and is a prime example of a one page website. With a desktop application coming from the same school of design it will play a major role for Pono’s success especially if accompanied by a mobile app that doesn’t suck.

Throw you money at the artist.

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