Find answers to the following 7 questions you posted here to whittle down a shortlist for selecting your copywriter.

this man was talked to death
What do you think it takes to be a good copywriter at a digital agency?
Answer:Courage. The long answer is: A healthy self-image.
no2How do you feel about bad grammar?
no3A wild boar on a spit is mistakenly wheeled out in front of guests at a vegan dinner party. Turn this awkward situation into something positive using just words. (Imagine the chef using your words to calm the outraged guests.)
Answer:”Pork rocks.‟
no4Come up with a three-word slogan to encourage 15 year-old boys in the UK to save money.
Answer:”Don’t take drugs!‟ (Imagine a mother shouting out the window to address her children, as seen in the movie Almost Famous)
no5What is the single best line of copy – or sentence – you’ve seen in recent years?
Answer:”Ideas that do.‟ (coined by Gareth Kay from Goodby)
no6What are your three favourite digital things (sites / mobile apps etc)?
Answer:My blog, my credentials, Apple’s weather widget.
no7Write an email (one hundred words or less) to convince 40 year-old mothers to find out more about the best value cable TV package ever. Consider the email subject as well.
Answer:UK mums make more time for wasting
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