After Hillary Clinton’s logo broke the Internet, Moving Brands®considered a new, logo-less approach in a five-day design sprint.



Hillary billboard by Moving Brand.



Moving Brands®, an international ad agency with an office in East London, took on FastCompany’s challenge to remake the Clinton campaign branding.





Step 1︎⃣ Get to know your client



Webseite von Moving Brands®.



Step 2︎⃣ Research and Form A Point Of View

Mobil von Moving Brands®.



Step 3︎⃣ Define The Brand Story, “Make It Real”



red thread of story line by Moving Brand



Hillary Plakate von Moving Brand.



new bags vs old bags von Moving Brand



Step 4︎⃣ Decide On A Name



Banner von Moving Brand®



Steps 5︎⃣ and Beyond: The Visual Brand



Buttons von Moving Brand®

Visual stuff that most laypeople would call “the brand.”



Bedeutender Fortschritt auf gemeinsamer Grundlage von Moving Brand®.



Moving brand® wörtlich genommen.



Please read Mark Wilson’s full article, it’s right on and obligatory for practitioners in the communications business.

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