Everything is getting redesigned

The successful blurring of the header’s background and that of emphasised features. Photo: Playboy/Kouneli Media
Photo: Playboy/Kouneli Media

My physio therapy offered copies of Playboy’s print edition at their waiting room. A remarkable, groovy statement that reminds me of the great ’70s. You had to take off your shoes and wash your hands. Now the digital edition of the German Playboy has relaunched with an upgraded, fresh look & feel. Certainly a success since my physio therapy sessions are over.

Men’s paradise has a new digital home

The user experience (UX), and quality of ones handling and experiencing the digital edition way surpasses that of the printed edition. But of course, the typography of the printed edition has been leveraged, the site comes along clean and tidy with generous white space.

Playboy.de responds to the habits web users have become accustomed to with the spread of mommy blogger’s wordpress blogs followed by the the use of mobile phones.

All you see people do is swipe. If at the bus or train station, people are swiping or thumbing their mobile phones. On desktop computers you see them scrolling up and down. This reduction of human behavior navigating the web is dominating interface design. And playboy.de has leveraged such common behavior, which makes exploring its site an accustomed to smooth (wordpress like) operation.

The short answer may be, the redesign followed its US site?!