Innovative industry design is measured by its social good.


Social movement drives innovation. Innovation drives design and design offers a passage to social good.

Dyson’s vacuum cleaners make household chores easier to handle and handles them more intelligently. The nest thermostat is by default a contribution to sustainability with energy resources. 20 Mio. people in Germany are using an Oral B power toothbrush for cleaning their teeth. A social movement and contribution to the nation’s health.

Today design is measured by how it contributes to social good.

A new beginning for design

Every product on the market is being measured by how efficiently and effectively it contributes to social good simply by improving the user’s life and becoming meaningful to her, or help with accomplishing a task more efficiently.

Designers play an important role in making life easier, so please girls and boys, feel encouraged to taking on your role in social betterment as it lends meaning to doing work bottom up.

Make it mandatory even or especially when the brief does not list it as a requirement.

Data under glass. IPG Media Lab opening on Madison Avenue.


Data under glass

IPG Media Lab recently opened on Madison Avenue. “It’s where marketers and our agencies go to discover and learn about their future” – it says on their rather reserved credentials site with an adventurous navigation. Their future under glass, I’d like to ad.

The Aquarium provides a picture under glass we are accustomed to.

Pictures under glass, a popular view of the future

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Future under glass

For Bret Victor, claiming that Pictures Under Glass is the future of interaction is like claiming that black-and-white is the future of photography. It’s obviously a transitional technology. And the sooner we transition, the better.

Thank you, now please go read Bret Victor’s excellent post on the future of interaction design here.


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