Thomas Palzer / The coming book

Nicolai Howalt / Courtesy Martin Asbæk, Edel Assanti Gallery & Bruce Silverstein Gallery.



The coming book is a website

A website that belongs on your bookshelf with a difference. While it doesn’t matter to the author if you read his book, as long as you have purchased it – it makes a world of difference to our author that you read his website.

Literature and philosophy are for a fastidious existence.

Thomas Palzer is an award winning German author, philosopher and film director. Palzer is best known for his elegant, fluid use of the German language. Frequent Pop Sunday radio shows for the Bayerischer Rundfunk contributed to his popularity. With regular columns on the topic of Zeitgeist Palzer is regarded as trustworthy.

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Printed in 2014 by Medicine Museion, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Do visit the website that belongs on your bookshelf.