Petting zoo by Christoph Niemann

Petting zoo by Christoph Niemann

viel Interaktivität

An interactive picture book with animals to poke and pet…

20 Tiere

20 animals

…and plenty of wonder.

…and plenty of wonder.

Tiere zum…

Make animals…

…weinen bringen


source: Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan for Fast Company CoDesign via Swiss Miss


“My goal was to make an interactive version of the napkin doodles I draw to keep the kids calm while waiting for food at the local pizzeria.”

A picture book so intuitive, the user doesn’t need words. I envision it to be as successfully entertaining and involving as a website for grown ups, so intuitive, the user doesn’t need a navigation or menu items.

Petting zoo is an iPad/iPhone app for $1.99 available at the Apple appstore.


Waving at machines helps the illustrator create magic in the new world

Christoph Niemann hand drawn illustrations have been published for the past five years on his New York Times Blog, besides the 7 books that were published. During work in progess, he has teached himself coding so he can get the animals to move about the screen, though his friend Jon Huang helped with the real coding.


Animals don’t speak English

A scalable side effect from all the intuitive magic, is the total lack of language barriers. With no words, instructions, navigation needed, the picture book is available to any kid around the globe, no matter what language is spoken.