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Paralaktisches Abrollen von Angela-Merkel.de


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Paralaktisches Abrollen von Angela-Merkel.de





The latest design obsession has a name:

Parallax scrolling.

And while the german design nation keeps falling behind in digital, the website of the Federal Chancellor contradicts the downward spiral with parallax scrolling,. This is great. I am enthusiastic.


A creative and modern election campaign for Angela Merkel and the government party CDU – for a fastidious communication agency there is hardly a more beautiful function

Lutz Meyer, government party’s lead agency Blumberry


one page wonder

one page wonder

As chief creative of Zentropy Partners (now MRM worldwide), I accidentally got lucky in 2005, when with Petra Helms, Justin Townsend, and the insanely great digital team at the Berlin Konrad Adenauer house, to pull into the early election campaign with angela-merkel.de.

I owe my first favorable statistics in Germany – suggesting that digital marketing is on par with classic advertising and may soon supersede classic in playing a dominant role in integrated communications – to Angela Merkel podcasts introduced at the time, and the enduring maintenance conducted by the CSU team in Berlin..

Today I hold Angela Merkel and the goverment party politically responsible for helping German business become transformative and accept and master the digital challenge threatening the German design nation.

I now ask decision makers at the Berlin Konrad Adenauer house and the Bavarian state chancellery in Munich to please get in touch. No need for another ministry to design a more efficient and elegant German web. (my credentials)


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