Illustration: Jillian Tamaki



Color mix from Fiftythree on Vimeo.


Modern day storytelling

Fifty-three from TriBeCa show illustrators how.

Their website is great too. See paper results here.



Storytelling in stop motion

Here is an impressive example by the Guardian from yesterday, how to make some noise with a graphic novel on the web.


Sketch from the upcoming second book by Illustrator Elizabeth Blue



Will the second book of the Micanopy Murders get accomplished with 53’s paper app?

We’ll see. The paper app makes it easy on illustrators to share insights of the making of chronicle with valued friends and supporters.

A collaboration with the great folks of 53, would help 53 be in touch with potential graphic novelist users, and it would help Elizabeth, win techies as readers.


Micanopy Murders book one is still being sold at book stores a year after release. Newly published books won’t sell much outside of a 2 months timeframe, after being published. Here’s a review by Andy Oliver on Broken Frontier. And here are valuable insights by Laura Ruggeri of how the graphic novelist helps teens tell stories through comics.

In collaborating with 53, more can be achieved in the two month after launch of book two by adding the evergrowing group of technophiles.

More by comic artist Elizabeth Blue. Get book one here.