Bernie Sander’s hipster design is American’s favorite 2020 campaign badge

Promotional product company Crestline ran a survey among 1,250 voters residing in the US, asking them to vote for their favorite presidential candidate logo for 2020. The participants were asked to “put their personal feelings aside” and rate them on a scale of one to 10.

Design Taxi

Narratives about modernity

If we give an isolated community access to the internet, very quickly, the quality of life will improve. Time will be saved, research into proven solutions will produce value, and people will become connected to a larger population. Those connections will lead to productivity and learning.

And, then, soon thereafter, they will become less happy.

Not because they’re worse off, but because the dominant media narratives that arrive exist to make them feel insufficient, inadequate or simply jealous at how green the grass is over there.

Our narrative defeats our surroundings, every time.

Seth Godin

“To what’s coming”. Your Sunday song.

„Auf das, was da noch kommt” ~ Lotte u. Max Giesinger took on the name of the founder & operator
Branding by way of web

Kellogg’s shows their support for Australian farmers by altering their iconic packs.

Wunderman Thompson for Kellog's iconic cereal.
Wunderman Thompson for Kellog’s iconic cereal. took on the name of the founder & operator
Branding by way of web

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