Meet the new 2020 candidates

“Some other practical centrists consider a 2020 run”–Jason Adam Katzenstein for the New Yorker Magazine.
Jason Adam Katzenstein for the New Yorker Magazine

Solid investment based on the familiar narrative of the three little pigs

Print Campaign

Based on a storyboard by Disney staff.
Based on a storyboard by ©Disney staff.
Print advertisement created by Cheil, Jordan for Jordan Commercial Bank, within the category: Finance.

With western civilization in the current state of disorientation, Jordan Investment Bank with help from Cheil Jordan, tells an old story from the great depression: Three Little Pigs story [1933], when one of them built his house from hay and another from wood and the third from stone and all three ended up losing their houses due to a wind storm. Without any political aspect nor any of it being obvious in the photo realistic execution, the Near East also reminds the West to not blow your money away on rent.

McDelivery shines with impressionist print campaign

print ad

McDelivery with impressionist print campaign

McDelivery print ads by TBWA, Paris.

Volkswagen wants to rid your kids of backseat driver boredom

New tasks of German automotive industry

Volkswagen mit Geschichten für Unterwegs will ihren Kindern die Langweile nehmen.
Volkswagen app rids backseat drivers of boredom.

It is more likely now that kids will be sucked into screens, disconnected from the world outside – so that’s why Volkswagen is trying to reverse this trend with a location-based audiobook app.

Created by Amsterdam-based agency Achtung, “Snelweg sprookjes” (translated: “Road tales”) reminds kids that a screen will never beat the magic of the real world.

The team mapped everyday objects found on Dutch highways, from petrol stations to windmills, and scanned more than 5,000 kilometres of tarmac. The app transforms those objects into real-life stories that respond to what each child sees, turning their car ride into a personalised adventure. The story engine was created in collaboration with children’s book authors.