Spring blossom

Cara Delevingne expresses spring feelings for Burberry Her

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“Never Really Over.” Your Sunday song.

Katy Perry ~ Never Really Over

No summer without summer hits. Here goes. Excellent, the oddly familiar single cover in the wake of a new discretionary tendency:

Katy Perry - Never Really Over

In midst of the widespread minimalism tendency, a rich, full sound for your ears with an eye-candy cover babyboomers are familiar with from days long gone. Brilliant.

If you are like me and prefer watching television over the cumbersome procedure of streaming, you must have come across the opening songs, Miami CSI, CSI, or was it CSI NY. With all the new music and rap tunes and the fading hipster music you are surrounded by now that! A rock spectacle from some almost forgotten rock group. I need to dig for the names and fill you in.

Always in a mood for travel

The fun in informative

Yes, she is telling him to get lost. And yes, he is always in the mood for travel.

Away with you, tiresome disruption and you added level of storytelling. The purpose of advertising is selling, and Lidl is finding joy in being informative.

Product design lost in translation

Lost in translation

World class design for Heinz Tomato Ketchup, with lovely ‘Jugedstil’ rendering of the tomato plant.

Distintiveness, beauty, clarity and readability sure got lost in this adaption for the German market.