Making the Beirut harbor explosion tangible

The New York Time’s Interactive Articles

How a massive bomb came together in Beirut's port
Ben Hubbard, Maria Abi-Habib, Mona El-Naggar, Allison McCann, Anjali Singhvi, James Glanz and Jeremy White for the NYTimes

How a massive bomb came together in Beirut’s port

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McDrive’s nice outdoor play on familiarities

Outdoor advertising

Czech McDrive billboard
Czech McDrive billboard
Czech McDrive billboard

DDB Prague, Prague, Czech Republic Image Source: Ads of the World

You are familiar with family members acting strange when hungry. It’s worse with the family driver. It’s unsafe. Czech McDonald’s put up billboards to help the situation.

Meaningful times require meaningful adverts

Poetic ad promoting craftsmanship

the Craft

We are craftsmen and women
We don’t search for the meaning of life
We create it. Day in day out.

What we do makes us proud, grounded and fulfilled.
With us you don’t only have colleagues , but a second family
And what the future brings we hold in our hands

We don’t just do a craft. The craft makes us to what we are.
We do what makes sense. For us For you. For every one.

We know what we are doing.

Field trip