“Pelota.” Your Sunday song.

Khruangbin ~ Pelota

Kanye West has created adored work his website is not one of them


Pointing your browser to yeezysupply.com you’ll want so see and perhaps purchase Kanye Wests products. For now you’ll have to go to Adidas’ site.

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Highrise living in keeping with insects, birds and bees

Urban development

Bosco Vertical, an idea that does
that never made it out of Milan, Italy

Marco Sala – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Oh joy. What fun it would be to have your own private Idaho with you on the 14th floor of your condominium or rented apartment. No? You would regain some awareness of nature’s healing powers, and you might even enjoy the chirping of birds while having your morning grits on the balcony.

Bosco Vertical,
two residential towers in Milan, Italy:
CO2 Absorption: 19.000 kg/year
O2 Production: 18.980 kg/year
20.000 sqm of forest

Help mitigate smog and produce oxygen. Make it part of your conversation Wikipedia details

The biggest oligarch of all

F8 2019 Keynote by Anthony Quintano

Tampered with image source: Flickr user Anthony Quintano

And this isn’t about letting people with viewpoints that you or me might find offensive have a platform. What these companies (Facebook) have done is created a business model where the most incendiary, upsetting, controversial, and oftentimes false and damaging things get more oxygen than they deserve because we are a tribal species and when people say things that are upsetting we tend to engage.

Excerpt from Fast Company interview with outspoken NYU professor Scott Galloway who doesn’t mince words about our favorite social network and the government’s failure to regulate it. Read in full