Ideas that do. This one is for the dogs

Campaign homepage display
Huge typo on homepage

“It’s not what we do, it’s what people do with what we do.”

Ideas that do was coined by Gareth Kay and I am excited to show you one such idea by the exclusive online dog food brand, Güd.

In partnership with the NGO “Clube dos Vira-Latas”, they launched “Rescue Dogz”. Created by J. Walter Thompson Brazil, the campaign takes advantage of the so common misspelling of pure-breed dogs names while searching on Google. Every time someone searches misspelling the name of the breed, “Rescue Dogz” names a mutt dog under that misspelled word and creates an ad offering the dog for free. By clicking on the ad, the person is led to the dog’s page in the campaign website (, giving the pet a chance to be seen and adopted.

Every time someone searches on Google misspelling the name of the breed, “Rescue Dogz” names a puppy under that misspelled word and creates an ad offering the dog for free. By clicking on the ad, the person is led to the project’s page ( and has the chance to adopt it.

With 2.3 Million searches per second, there will be plenty of misspelled pure breed dog names. Good for the abandoned mutt to be adopted.

WordPress 5.2 changing tires made easy

A recovery mode for fixing fatal errors causing the white screen of death from within admin.

WordPress wants users to keep their PHP version current. The minimum required PHP version is 5.6.. WordPress 5.2 cannot be installed using an outdated version. Something that plugin developers may adopt .

Roll-Back allows you to return to a previous version of a plugin should things go wrong.

  • Gutenberg 5.3 introduces a block management modal which allows you to enable/disable blocks from the block inserter. Find it here →
  • We also get the possibility to nest different kinds of blocks in a Cover Block container. Allowing for more interesting uses of the Cover Block block.
  • There are many improvements to the hover and selected block states, with better a11y and less distraction.((Source: Yoast))
  • Der Blockeditor sports much-improved responsiveness and is way faster.

New introduced blocks

  • An RSS block
  • An Amazon Kindle embed block
  • A Search block
  • A Calendar block
  • A Tag Cloud block

It’s a boy

An ebullient Prince Harry… Steve Parsons/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
An ebullient Prince Harry… Steve Parsons/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Prince Harry could barely contain himself. The duchess, he said, was “amazing,” and the birth “amazing,” and the love and support from the public “amazing.”

Via morning briefing by the NYTimes by Melina Delkic

Come August, we 1)the Curriers, Curtis, and Sargentsare awaiting—no less royal or “amazing”, the birth of my grandson Owen, who will give an “amazing” buddy for grandsons Callum and Allistair.

References   [ + ]

1. the Curriers, Curtis, and Sargents

Flyweight template for literature and undisturbed reading

Fliegengewicht Vorlage für die von Grund auf neugestaltete Domäne.
Flyweight template for from the ground up new design for the domain.

Thomas had spontaneously decided to go along with a design for another forthcoming project on the staging server. Excellent choice since what Thomas and I are placing our bets on is merely a barebone starter theme. Theme Davis is meant for developers to get rolling. Excluding the theme screenshot, Davis weighs in at only 61 kilobytes according to Anders Norén who designed the theme.

Following a hazardous path

For recent years bloggers have fallen into the trap of the widespread tendency of a magazine styled theme. What can no longer be claimed responsiveness to the user’s habits and needs has become a burden on usability and user experience with the increase of parallax scrolling effects following the dead-end path of flash and flex. With WordPress 5.1’s introduction of Gutenberg, this is not getting better but worse. Reading is becoming more of a mini golf sport with silly toy obstacles.

Blogs are deteriorating to dust-covered, full packed addicts reserved for librarians, antique booksellers, and search engines with purpose to access.

What consumes us is to change that.

Not without purpose…

Comfortable handling of the smartphone with one hand onl and swiping content by thumb is accomplished with a single column layout.

Papyrus Rolle

Alas, that has always been the case with the papyrus roll we remember so well from Hollywood movies captivated with ancient Egypt. History gave us Cleopatra, Golden Age Hollywood gave us Elizabeth Taylor, and the digital era gives us the papyrus roll.

Speed reader can forward to the next page by hitting tab.

Visitors of an author’s website don’t expect a Coney Island spectacle or an illustrated picture book, they expect a worthwhile lecture they are accustomed to from reading books as the experience of choice.

On the internet and with the operation of websites one leads to another: addition not subtraction.



The curator’s choice is to pick or toss.
They curate. So do we.

Erste Hilfe

Like no other German writer, Thomas Palzer takes his books to the street. He won’t shy away from bonding or direct contact with his readers. Thomas tumbles out of the ivory tower with his web, radio, and local activities asking for first aid.

Long Tail even though not fully configured, was switched live only recently with a redesign from the ground up. The well disposed reader witnesses front row its initiation and is taken along by Thomas on this journey. The site’s functions are continuously being replaced by such that prove easier. The once celebrated Big Idea has been replaced with a long idea steadily evolving and improving user experience. Ideas come and go.