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Punkt Tronics introduces their next Swizz made cell phone.

Punkt Tronics introduces their next Swizz made cell phone.

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Optical illusion with an unreconcilable contradiction at its core

Optical illusion par excellence

Optical illusion par excellence (Apple)

We believe privacy is a fundamental human right.

We believe privacy is a fundamental human right.(Apple)

Tim Cook’s cheeky recent remarks on privacy are either naive or dumb. Whatever the case, it makes him look like an ailing hypocrite. No?

To me, and we feel this very deeply, we think privacy is a fundamental human right. So that is the angle that we look at it. Privacy from an American point of view is one of these key civil liberties that define what it is to be American.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO.

We have always known to lead a good life with optical illusion and conctradiction.



“Heat Wave.” Your Sunday song.

I love it | Kanye West & Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens

Before the world was big, music and other art genres where
not contributing to disorientation as much,
but helped the people better understand their world.

Snail Mail Habit

Snail Mail Habit

Snail Mail – “Heat Wave”

Guitar first

Snail Mail’s striking debut album is emotionally wise, musically clear, and encompasses the once and future sound of indie rock, says Ryan Tomba in another laser sharp write up on Pitchfork. And he’s right, what’s so interesting, is Lindsey Jordan’s sincerity and guitar play. As a leader in the next generation of indie rock, the ones who are keeping the genre’s honorable ideals alight while continuing to expand its purview beyond straight white dudes.

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Wolff Olins Uber redesign

accreditation first

Das Projekt war eine intime, gemeinschaftliche Anstrengung zwischen Wolff Olins, des Uber Markenelebnis Teams und der MCKL Schriftenherstellung.

The project was an intimate collaborative effort between Wolff Olins, the Uber Brand Experience Team, and MCKL Type foundry.

Uber Unternehmensidentität

Excerpt from the corporate identity presentation.

Uber bewegen

Uber move

With enormous effort and an impressive presentation, the design office Wolff Olins has changed the all caps Uber mark to mixed letters.

UBER in capital letters was the result of a redesign conducted only two years ago.

Striking idea to take accreditation first (see image at top).

Have a look for yourself:

View presentation