Three tiny chairs come as a big surprise for Canadas Boston Pizza lovers

Canada's Boston Pizza adds three tiny chairs to the table in the center, of each big pizza delivered in a box.

Canada’s Boston Pizza adds three tiny chairs to the table in the center, of each big pizza delivered in a box.(Source: Adweek)

Now you know what the plastic support in the middle of your pizza is meant for, that hardly ever keeps the cheese topping from sticking to the cardboard lid.

Boston Pizza finally added
three tiny chairs to the tiny table



You are what you make up

Print ad

with a
Roxy Music
kind of

Covergirl image: Droga5

Bryan Eno, Roxy Music

Bryan Eno, Roxy Music

I think what Droga5 is doing with Covergirl is synonymous with what Roxy Music did when everyone was settled on rock music being the real thing. Authentic, dirty, guitar strumming as the natural thing to do, the manly thing, real and nothing but real.

Roxy Music brought the art back into rock music and proved to the world that rock had no boundaries and could very well have an artificial side to it. That of glam rock.

In midst of contemporary tendencies of stripping down, being bare faced as if no make up would be a certificate for authenticity, and a password to heaven. Purity. Photoshop is from the devil. In midst of such sentiments, Droga5 and Covergirl tells you another story, one acknowledging that you or any woman can make up whatever woman she wants to be. Its what females have always been good at and you can make up to fit any occasion.

Droga5 print ad for Covergirl

Droga5 print ad for Covergirl

Either way, I love the ring of the headline and the opportunity to be whatever you want to be with a little help form Covergirl. No?



Come as you are

Platform crocs for elevated comfort.

Platform crocs for elevated comfort.

Crocband™ Platform Crocs $49.99

Crocband™ Platform Crocs $49.99

Balenciaga crocs

Balenciaga Crocs (Source: Forbes

“A platform spawned by a high-low collaboration between Balenciaga and Crocs.”

Susannah Breslin


Crocs Logo und claim

Crocs claim

Crocs’ claim “Come as you are‟ may well be borrowed from Nirwana’s “Come as you may‟ and an alleged aptitude, to align it with an hymn from the the golden hippie era “Be Yourself‟ by Graham Nash, the former member of Crosby Stills Nash and Young, who set up a pre-press studio at the same time I did az Miami’s South Beach, thereby scrambling its courteous meaning through the adjustment to currently popular tendensies.

While Nirwana’s offer to “come as you may” is free of compulsion or claim in best order with On human releation, a classic by Adolph Freiherr von Knigge, Crocs, in line with its clever, plump product, trademarks its claim grown stale by widespread public accessibility.

Some of you may have noticed how surprisingly few from your friends and acquaintances are who you think they are. Nor are they who they think they are. Alis volat propriis 1 How many can claim to fly by their own wings?



Helvetica is eating the world


It happens as it did with GAP, that followers can stop ‘helveticanisation’.


Calvin Kleins logo iteration from the early 1990’s. The current Version is all caps a bit thicker and designed by Raf Simons.


Burberry’s new word mark, by Ricardo Tisci and Peter Saville comes with the excuse that they only had 4 weeks of time. “It looks like it was done in Microsoft Word.” (David Griner).


American Apparel always was its own self-made intergraterd coummunications inherent. An intentional clash of clean , classic industrial design and often offensive adverts. DIY, sweatshop free, local employees. An American dream come true.