Naked Beer. Source:

Clever ideas are popular and crap.


Panasonic earbuds. Source:

Disposable packaging burdening the environment are bad design.


Afro Man steel scrubber. Source:

Afro Man steel scrubbers are questionable conduct.



Ever important first impessions: Packaging is everything. Especially true with FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

Product package design is being evaluated by means of consumer tests with average values returned for a horizontal market, not the specific top-of-mind fastidious values for the vertical market or the an individual you are thinking of.

Contemporary design deals with a more holistic view of the product, its user, the circumstance in which the packaging should have an impact, its environmental compatibility and its permanent use, including the kicks it takes the shopper to take it off the shelve and into her hands.

If I can open the can of sardines without cuts to my fingers and without scattering the oily sardines across the kitchen floor.

If I can dispose of the packaging without burdening the environment.

No big issue in anglo-saxxon influenced countries but a big issue in Europe, where people are used to taking on plenty of burden to get their shopping done. The US remains packaging champion with Asia ready to take over.

An excessive intellecual demand when confronted with the many examples in graphic magazines and products offered in German supermarkets.


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