out in the country

Returning from a really nice Birthday Party out in the rolling hills east of Lake Starnberg.



This is great.
Some 160 interesting looking, pleasant, handsome people. Many in their sixties or nearing/exceeding their sixties. Nonchalant, friendly, and responsive. A few amazingly well dressed, adorable kids. A herd of black sheep feeding of the grass next to the beer garden and a majestic view of the alps. Country Life. A cool guy pointed out to me, to be wearing the same shoes as mine. His were obviously more polished and not falling apart. Peter Wacha, a biochemical wonder, was there and plenty of folks you probably know by name but I didn’t. Tasty Bavarian food, excellent deserts, dark beer, three DJ’s. Oh and one missing, the most radical musician of the five, Justin Hoffmann.



"Where there was cheese there will be art."  twitpic via @NeinQuarterly.

“Where there was cheese there will be art.”
twitpic via @NeinQuarterly.



An stunnngly beautiful and impeccably hosted event
we’d like to hold dear for another 30 years.





Thank you for having us.



out in the country