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Portland, Oregon. Photo by Uriel via Elo.



The 88th Academy Awards mark a personal moment in time. When Callum, my 2 year old grandson and his mother endet their 4 weeks visit to Europe. They had risen to the occasion of the birth of Callum’s cousin Alistair in Linz, Austria. I got to show’em the city of Munich, Bavaria. And got to know a fraction of insights of what my Oregon relatives are consumed by.



A list of what hipsters haven’t ruined yet

What hipsters have ruined compiles a long list. It covers anything from commercial products and services (coffee, beer, barber shop) to supporting industries such as advertising, and entire cities (Berlin). Supposedly they haven’t ruined Paris yet according to James Tidmarsh in the New York Times.

Organic grocers, tasteful bistros and upscale cocktail bars replace seedy, run down neighborhoods the moment hipsters show up or where people like myself move in.



Inside Out

Inside Out



A good thing that may initiate the much needed redesign of capitalism, should small in large numbers, consequently replace big in the mindset of mainstream middle class. That’s not what is happening though. Next generations are decidedly detached from commerce and by the time they catch up with what they may be mistaken of, the damage is done.

Either way, the middle class is dwindling. The joke is on Meryl Streep. Chris Rock is not saving America, he did save the oscars night though.
For Europe the oscar’s night belonged to Angela Merkel making a stand.
Liv Siddall interview with Christoph NiemannMarc Johns for This isn’t happiness™

Marc Johns for This isn’t happiness™



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