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Dominating new brands the likes of Google oder Netflix don’t require patina coating like on old navy vessel to gain people’s trust.

People discover new products on the web and trust develops or vanishes immediately during product usage.

A good explanation for the speed of the 21. century: The decrease of time between idea and implementation on behalf of your business and the time between discovery and usage on behalf of your audience.

Embrace Newton’s law of marketing. For every movement or trend there is an equal and opposite counter-movement or trend (Christ Clark / Nitro).

Hipsters are turning away mp3s and reinvest in turntables and vinyl records. Traditional brands are gaining momentum.

Since conversations have moved to digital, your brand story is best told with the aid and efficiency of theme based design and a content management system off-the-shelf. It increases your agency’s profit margin. Something, the Philadelphia agency has yet to become comfortable with. Excellent typography and user experience though.