One page wonder

One page wonder


Short and succinct

The bread and butter income of a good bunch of ad agencies is often determined by sales of dynamic brand sites. In the Ninteties fidgety web sites with lots of animations were confused with being dynamic. Back then it was close to impossible to sell web design to brands without flash animation.



This may not come to you as a surprise

We are getting there, however to date it is common practice at many locations to sell customers dead websites as dynamic.

Today we have learned, that social competence is responsible for dynamism to happen. Websites that have been made sociable like blogs with technology aided ability to support interaction of beings and brands by interpreting and responding to ping backs and references made elsewhere on the web.

Even so, websites are becoming as static as print with no indication of social competence. They are acheaologic findings from the nineties. The web has plenty to show.

Cadell’s credentials site is best practice, revealing construction details for how to build your website today. The site reflects Cadell’s unique personality, including a factual chronicle of the professional and personal timeline of the well reputed strategist at Deutsch agency in Los Angeles. British Guardian lists Cadell as one of 10 strategist, to watch this year (2013).

Ich find principles and reasons why, extremely helpful in getting to know people and companies, here Bud Cadell’s:

  • You grow what you nurture.
  • Empathy will get you further than expertise.
  • No learning should go un-shared.
  • Oxford commas are mandatory.
  • Frustration is a powerful signal.
  • Complexity that isn’t respected is fatal.
  • Anger is expressed helplessness.
  • Beauty is the shortest path to peace.
  • “God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”


I’m cheap

Contradicting my usual recommendation, that of making use of widely spread off-the-shelf software and build websites with WordPress or the blogging software you favor, Cadell’s site is hand coded. That is because he can, he must be surrounded by talented friends and colleagues at Deutsch. Cadell’s knowledge transfer takes place exemplarily supported by WordPress 3.4.1, at What consumes me.


One page wonder

One page wonder


  • Only what is necessary.
  • Make use of off-the-shelf CMS (i.e. WordPress 3.4.1).
  • Use relative html instructions in percentage not fixed for adaptive design.
  • Short words, short sentences, short paragraphs.
  • Omitt embarrassement.
  • Choosing webfonts and your favicon is a good start.
  • When looking at your design from a distnace makes for an orderly impression of your brand you are good.
  • Make sure you can handle the continuous never ending daily amintenance from within your organisation.
  • The proof of the pudding is in the eating.