Better bring yourself along to work, there are 6.92 Billion of others out there already.


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Cindy Gallop speaks about what advertising needs right now. And she does this with brilliance, creativity, intelligence and is impeccable articulate. She thinks tons of creative people focus on the clients’ business and never focus on themselves. Clients once believed what advertisers did was magic back in the “Mad Men” days, but now they think they can do it themselves and do a better job. A sharp yet tender manifesto of under 3 minutes.



Cindy Gallop is a TEDx speaker, but is most known for her advertising career at Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH). She moved to New York alone and began building the BBH branch there and four years after the move, BBH US was named Adweek’s Eastern Agency of the Year. She resigned in 2005 from BBH US and presently, continues to work in advertising as a consultant as well work on her projects such as Make Love not Porn and If We Ran The World.