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While German banks and their communication agencies have not yet caught on to the the expectation of people in the 21. Century, that for every claim or promise made, instant proof and reason to believe need be offered in real time, a Swiss start-up jumps on the simplification band wagon (see banking Simple).

With a six million funding Numbrs – a multi bank iPhone/iPad app – aims to improve their technology, connect Commerzbank, Santander Bank and Targo Bank yet missing in their roster of 3,500 German banks, and expand to Switzerland and Great Britain. With the opening of their London offices, Singapore and Hong Kong are next.

That’s a mouthful right there, especially now, that taking one step at a time is proving a more reliable procedure than planning ahead and way over ones head.

One pager

One pager

The website is best practice in Germany, since the country’s abhorred service dessert has relocated to digital. It appears hand-coded though, hence fails to leverage the unmatched dynamism of thousands of plug-in developers of proven and tried content management systems.

One day we can actually read and comprehend our bank statements.

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