Toward new shores:
Decemberists exit shanties in favour of pop.

The Decembrists | Once In My Life

One of the first, I thought of as hipster band that consumes me, be it for their music, self-marketing savviness, or ever changing fabulous website design. My daughters love them, one even got to be at their life concert in Portland, Oregon. Back then they performed shanties which Colin Meloy does so well.

“The Decemberists used to live for these sorts of epic, carefully scripted flights of historical fantasy. A decade ago the band might have even dedicated an entire album to this murderous mermaid—you can almost hear the Baltic instrumentation and picture the lithographed cover art—but here the song is just a pit stop on an album that otherwise avoids the excesses of yore. Since hitting peak fancifulness on 2009’s The Hazards of Love, the Decemberists have streamlined their music into something more direct and less fussy.”

Evan Rytlewski

Even so in less fuzzy, they now exit shanties in favour of pop.
I’ll Be Your Girlby Evan Rytlewski